My son’s worst enemy

Sure, it looks innocent enough. But one suck from this baby turns my baby into a banshee.

Yes, Bubbers has his very first real stuffy nose. Up until yesterday, he’s been the picture of manly health and vitality–just like his father.

Unfortunately, the cause of this stuffy nose is not so clear…

Scenario #1: Bob’s Corn Maze

I thought it would be fun to go with Charming and the Boy Scouts to “Bob’s Corn Maze”.

This is us at the entrance to said maze:


Of course, this was before we got lost in the maze. And before the torrential rainfall.
Scenario #2: The Tooth
During the drive to aforementioned corn maze, I was giving Bubbers his daily soothing gum massage and lo and behold, what did I find? A tooth!


(Well, not a complete tooth, but the just-starting-to-poke-out protuberance of a tooth! My baby’s growing up!)

Scenario #3: Allergies

The same day Bubbers got congested, so did Charming. This is interesting, because Charming never gets sick. In our house, if someone gets sick, it’s me.

However, while Charming never gets sick, he does have allergies. Particularly when the seasons change, and fall has definitely hit the Northwest.

So, Charming thinks his allergies flared up, and since Bubbers exhibited the same symptoms as himself at the same exact time, Charming suspects allergies are the likely culprit.

(Can babies even have seasonal allergies??)


So, let’s take a vote. What do you think?

What caused Bubbers’ stuffy nose?
Bob’s Corn Maze
The Tooth
Allergies free polls
p.s. Hey, experienced moms out there, I want to make sure I’m doing this right.Is this how it goes?
Step 1: Squirt saline up each nostril
Step 2: Baby cries like crazed banshee under water
Step 3: Suck it all out
Step 4: Repeat every few hours
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6 thoughts on “My son’s worst enemy

  1. This summer when I had allergies, Joshua seemed to sneeze everytime my nose was itchy…so I guess it could be alergies?
    Elora always got a runny nose with her teeth though…
    We’ve been thinking about going to a corn maze, but I’m afraid of the getting lost/rain happening to us too. Plus, every weekend its been cold, AND we’d have to go later because of joseph’s work, when they have the scary stuff in the maze, which I’m sure would scar Elora for life.
    I actually have never done the saline thing, so can’t help you there!

  2. Poor little guy! I’ve always felt like I was sucking my poor baby’s brains out through their nose when using that thing. (Which my dad used to affectionately call “the boogerator”.) ;) And I am always amazed at how much snot can come from two tiny nostrils! I voted for allergies…I think a pediatrician once told me that babies that young can’t get allergies, but I beg to differ. But since colds, etc. come from viruses (and not cold air), I don’t think it was the corn maze. (Unless he’s allergic to corn??) :) Or maybe it’s the new tooth…or maybe just an old-fashioned cold. Since school started, those are going around like crazy now. Anyway, good luck with the teething and the “boogerating”! And remember if he’s sick, expect him to want to nurse more…it’s his way of making sure he gets plenty of those magic antibodies (which your body has already started producing for him!). Hope he feels better soon!!

  3. Tearese– That is very interesting about Joshua! I wonder… I’ve heard of the teething runny noses, which is what made me think that. Yeah, the corn maze was quite the adventure. Bubbers actually did really well and fell asleep while I carried him back to the car in the pouring rain! Oh no, that would be rough going to a haunted maze (I would be scarred for life). You’ve never done the saline thing, huh? What do you do for congestion?

    Melissa– Thanks for your comment! “The boogerator”–I love it! :) Thanks for thinking it’s allergies. Doctors have been telling me for years that cold air doesn’t cause colds, but I still have that nagging doubt in the back of my mind (or maybe it’s my Mother’s voice telling me to put a coat on or I’ll catch cold)… You know what I mean?? :) You’re right on with the increased nursing thing, too–We were at every 3 hours and now back to every 2 hours. Thanks for your well-wishing! He seems to be over the worst of it, now. Hooray!

  4. He’s a cutie!

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  5. Joshua’s never had a bad cold. Elora had one really bad one where she couldn’t breath or nurse; she was only two months old. We ended up taking her to the walk-in clinic and they gave us one of those nebulizer things. She actually thought it was funny and kept laughing at the mist. (She laughed really early in life).
    There are also those triaminic infant strips you can put on their tongue and they dissolve…. but I’ve only seen the infant ones at Walgreens though. And of course you’d want to do the natural thing (Saline) before you tried medicines , I’m sure!

  6. my husband always theorized that our infant daughter’s nightmares were due solely to the “nose sucker.” we couldn’t think of anything else that could cause such traumatized sleep-screaming in a four-month-old!

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