I almost died today

Well, not “almost”, but I could have. It was because of my own stupidity, too.

So, I was really excited to try a new crock pot recipe. Beef stew. Mmm.

I was so proud of myself. I remembered to thaw the meat last night. And this morning I remembered to actually make it.

I was cutting potatoes and singing “Old MacDonald” to Bubbers (boy, does he love that song), thinking to myself, This crock pot stuff is great. Now I can do whatever I want and dinner’s all done!

Then during Bubbers’ nap, I was relishing the latest installment of “Pioneer Woman’s” romance story and I suddenly heard a loud “POP!” coming from somewhere in my house.

Confused, I walked down the hall toward the kitchen.

Was that the lid to the crock pot? I wondered. Sometimes the lid jiggles around when I have it on high, which was all I could figure for the source of that noise.

Then I rounded the corner and just stared.

What on earth??

The side of the crock pot was black, as well as the counter top next to it. Looking closer, I finally figured out what happened.

I am such an idiot. Whoever allowed me to run a kitchen of my own was beyond crazy.


“Hello?” Charming answered.

“Hi,” I muttered angrily.

He laughed, “What’s wrong?”

“I’m stupid,” I answered.

“What do you mean?”

“I ruined our crock pot and blew the fuse in our kitchen. How do I turn the power back on?”

(Laughing now) “What???”

“I turned on the crock pot with the cord caught in it. The cord melted and blew a fuse. All I heard was a loud “POP!” It’s a good thing I’m lazy and stayed home all day, or else I would have burned down our house. And then we’d be on welfare. We couldn’t even eat our food storage because it would have burned all up. So which breaker do I flip?”

(Actually, since the power turned off, it wouldn’t have caught fire. But, as is evidenced by our broken crock pot, I wasn’t doing my best thinking today…)

Charming talked me through the whole breaker thing, and just before he hung up, he said, “Check your email. I just sent you a link to a crock pot at Walmart. If you want, I can pick it up on my way home.”

“Aw, you’re great, thanks, Love!”

I checked it out– a 6 quart crock pot! Sweet! That would be quite the upgrade from our tiny broken one…

Then I remembered how our camera broke (actually, I found out later it was just a bad battery), and then Charming bought me a new one.

Now our crock pot broke, and he wanted a new one.

Hmmm, I thought, looking around the house critically, What else should I break???

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4 thoughts on “I almost died today

  1. i’m glad you were home and the house did not burn down. who would entertain us so well if you weren’t there Heidi? thanks for all the blogs to read. when are you going to write a book? -dep

  2. Tearese–You’re probably right… :)

    DEP–Thank you for your kind comment! I, too, would miss the blog were I to go up in flames. :) Seriously, though, I’m so pleased you find it entertaining and totally flattered you asked me about a book. If I ever muster up enough courage, I may post some of the stories I’ve written someday.

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