Unexpected development

Inspiration for this post came to me while standing in Lowe’s about 20 minutes ago.

Staring down at the concrete floor, I shook my head and thought, “There’s got to be a better way…”

See, Bubbers started a new adventure last week. Now that he can sit up like a champ, I decided to introduce him to the “big boy” way of sitting in shopping carts. Boy did he love it!


He held up his fists the entire time (much more sanitary that way) and gave me his famous “concerned” look.


No, he’s not going to cry. He’s actually having the time of his life.


He even tried to sneak a taste of a nightgown in the women’s department when I wasn’t looking.

All in all, it was a raving success.

And then.

He spit up.

“Hmm,” I said as I watched it splat loudly on the floor of Walmart, “I didn’t expect that.”

I should have expected that, but I didn’t. When he was supine, the spit up just oozed around him in a puddle that we mopped up, no big deal. But now that he’s upright, it’s a whole different story.

Now it sails down, down, down, in all it’s liquid glory and announces itself for all to see and slip on.

At first, I considered wiping it up with his burp cloth.

But I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t mop the nasty public floor with something I owned.

Then I considered telling someone who worked there, so they could mop it up. But then he spit up five more times. And I didn’t think Walmart could devote an employee to follow me during my whole trip to put up yellow “wet floor” signs behind us in every aisle.

So, I just left it there and hoped it would evaporate quickly. (Is that terrible or what?)


Well, the same thing happened today in Lowe’s.


(Man alive, that is one nasty bib. Sorry, y’all).

Only this time, he did two HUGE splats in the same aisle.

And they weren’t evaporating. At all.

So, on my way out I told a lady about it and she said she’d take care of it (and she even smiled and said Bubbers was adorable–what a nice lady).

And that’s when I realized I needed to ask for some advice. What do I do?

Has anyone else ever had this problem? Do I start bringing a roll of paper towels with me where ever we go and mop up after him?

Thank you for listening to my confession. And if you ever see a pool of spit up on the floor at a store, please forgive whoever left it there.


“Hey, let’s look at some of those pictures you took today,” my husband said after we put Bubbers down for the night.

“Okay!” I agreed, always willing to look at pictures. Especially ones of Bubbers.

We went to the computer and started going through them, exclamations of “He’s so cute!” and “Oh, Little Man, we love you!” pouring from us continuously.

Suddenly, Charming said, “Hey, go back to that last one.”

“You liked it? I liked it, too, he’s so cute,” I gushed as I clicked on it again.

“Uh, Love, take a closer look.”

I leaned towards the screen and squinted.

“Aaaaahhh!!!!” I began screeching, “My baby! My baby! Somebody save my baby!!”

Charming started laughing his head off.

“You didn’t see that when you were taking the picture?!?”

I couldn’t hear him because I was running wildly through the house in terror and fear, trying to save my baby.


If I had a spare $20 lying around the house, I’d give it to the first person who can see the source of my terror.

(Actually, that’s a lie. If I had a spare $20 lying around the house, I wouldn’t give it away. I would buy a remote for my camera. Sorry).

PICT0070 cropped

Thank you

Thank you everyone for your kind comments and support. I am also extremely grateful that my brother and his family are safe!

Like Andrea mentioned, I believe they were blessed and protected by a loving Heavenly Father.

And as Whimsy said, my family took it as proof of the peace of mind that comes from being prepared and following the counsel of our prophets.

At one point during it all I was getting really worked up and anxious, and then I remembered one of my favorite scriptures.

D&C 38:30: “… if ye are prepared ye shall not fear.”