A Cry for Help: Update

Wow, thank you everyone for your great advice and support! Just asking for help made me feel better about the whole thing. :)

I’ve deliberated long and hard about what to do… I bought rice cereal and little spoons with the “soft bite” ends. I even pumped one morning so I could put it in the rice cereal. But when it came down to giving my little baby solid food, I just couldn’t do it.

Actually, just opening the new spoons and holding them in my hand made my eyes misty. One of my sisters-in-law emailed me some advice rather than posting a comment, and she said that above all, enjoy him being a baby. Her oldest “baby” is now 10, and she said it flies as fast as everyone says it does.

Holding those spoons in my hand suddenly made me see Bubbers walk into the kitchen as a young man, standing taller than me with a deep voice and his father’s quick wit. (Oh boy, here come the tears again…). By the time Charming found me, I was a mess and he just opened his arms and I “soggified” his shoulder.

I even went so far as to convince myself Bubbers didn’t actually need to start solid foods until at least 8 or 9 months old, if that. But then a good friend reminded me that he really does need to start at 6 months for the iron.

“Oh, yeah,” I remembered, “I forgot about that…”

So, I froze the milk. I ran the spoons through the dishwasher and put them in the drawer. Then I put the rice cereal in the cupboard.

Two more weeks, I told myself.

Then last night, I rolled out of bed as soon as I heard him wake up. As I fed him, I looked down at his small pudgy fingers. I reached for them and he grasped my thumb. Pulling his fingers up to my lips, I kissed them.

They’ll only be this small once, I thought.

Suddenly, I wasn’t in such a rush to eliminate his middle-of-the-night feedings.

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3 thoughts on “A Cry for Help: Update

  1. Good choice. I miss Elora being so sweet…but I’m glad she doesn’t wake up in the night anymore! Joshua is really good; if we can get him to sleep, he won’t wake up until morning. Every baby is different!

  2. Tearese–Thanks! That’s great that Joshua sleeps so well (once he’s asleep). :) I was wondering–how well is Elora adjusting to Joshua now?

  3. Elora loves Joshua most of the time. She’ll sometimes not be soft enough, but she really does want to help! She can still get jealous, but I don’t think she ever hurts him on purpose.

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