On a brighter note…

September 25th, 2007

Here are a couple pictures Charming and I had fun using Fireworks on (I always call it Firefox and then Charming shakes his head sadly).

We tried out some tricks we learned from Pioneer Woman. Fortunately, Charming knows how to do the Photoshop stuff she talks about in Fireworks instead.


by Heidi (and Charming) 2007

That trickle of drool on his chin is my favorite part of this picture! (Well, and how he’s sucking in his lower lip. And his crinkled up eyebrows. Okay, and everything!)

by Heidi (and Charming) 2007

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Heidi | 9/25/2007 1:19 pm

Sorry, folks, I tried to fix the font size weirding out, but couldn’t. Oh, well. It’s free, I won’t complain. :)

tearese | 9/25/2007 1:38 pm

I’ve had problems with my font several times, and it will say its fixed while you type it but then its really not. Oh well.
Again, nice pictures.


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