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September 24th, 2007

What we’ve been up to lately…

Bubbers’ latest trick: grabbing his feet (and then rolling to the side–oh so close to rolling over all the way. Dad is encouraging it, Mom is enjoying it–but definitely okay with him not moving, yet).

by Heidi 2007
Teething? He’s chomping and drooling up a storm (and we think we feel something coming up).

by Heidi 2007
A little light reading: Showcasing an adorable outfit from Charming’s Mom and a tender book from Charming’s Dad. (I loved how these turned out!)
by Heidi 2007

by Heidi 2007

Mom’s bright idea: Hmm, how to get Bubbers and the folded laundry moved across the house at the same time? Think, think, think…

What a smile! Wow–he really does smile for strangers! (At least friendly female ones).

Out to dinner: Hey, Love, is that our son’s pacifier that just fell on the floor? And did you just pick it up, suck on it and then put it back in his mouth? Yummy.

Dad’s sense of humor: Mmmm, dessert!

A real scout leader! Charming bought a frame backpack off Craigslist to use on scout camp outs. (I got to help him pack–then I hid a secret love letter in the bottom pocket). :) Sorry about the blinkage.

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tearese | 9/24/2007 6:24 pm

cute reading pictures. Good luck with the rolling over!

Anonymous | 9/24/2007 6:40 pm

i love this pictures!!! i can’t believe how big he is getting. thanks for sending an invite to your blog. it’s great!

Charlotte | 9/25/2007 3:59 am

Sweet Bubbers! My fave is the one where he is “reading” :) Nice job, momma!

Heidi | 9/25/2007 11:03 am

Tearese–Thanks! I was doing a photo shoot with the new outfit and towards the end I was trying to think of a prop to add in there and came up with the book.

Andrea–Thanks for stopping by! Yes, he’s getting huge, we can hardly believe it! I hope you come back often!

Charlotte–I’m glad you liked the reading pictures, too! I was surprised at how real it looked and that I was actually able to get him to hold it right long enough to get some pictures of it! :)


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