Introductions: Part 3

September 3rd, 2007

This is my son: Bubbers

Bubbers brightens my every day (sometimes a little too early, but that’s okay). Here’s a picture from today, where I got him to smile after a nap (I tell you what, there’s nothin’ in the world better than that).

Charming and I adore him to pieces. Every night we sneak into his room and whisper “Good night, Little Man” and “We love you, Bubbers” to him. Then we high-tail it out of there before we wake him up. (He’s a trooper, though–didn’t even budge when I used the flash one night to snap this one–it’s all about the non-REM sleep).

He is my precious little buddy!

Here are a few Bubbers tidbits:

  • has his Dad’s easygoing personality & rugged good-looks
  • loves to eat
  • very observant
  • great sense of humor
  • appears quite serious in public–rarely cracks a smile for strangers (which makes Mom and Dad feel special)
  • enjoys the outdoors & new places
  • large in stature & surprisingly strong
  • fountain of never-ending spit-up
  • incredible sucking instinct
  • exceptional sleeper
  • has the most wonderfully soft, chubby, kissable cheeks ever to grace this planet

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