Introductions: Part 1

September 2nd, 2007

Before I go much further, I should probably make some introductions…

This is my husband: Prince Charming

He is a great sport about my addiction to pictures–especially considering he strongly dislikes getting his picture taken. Here is one of his coping mechanisms…

We met at college where he courted me like the wonderful gentleman that he is. I’ll always remember him spontaneously helping me on with my jacket during our second date and how it melted my heart. Wow, I thought, No one’s ever done that for me before.

Charming became my best friend and I soon realized that I never, ever wanted to be away from him…

So, one beautiful spring morning, we got married for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake Temple.

Here are a few Charming tidbits:
  • funniest person I’ve ever met (he’s got the best one-liners ever!)
  • tall, dark & handsome
  • loves a clean house
  • avid reader
  • always willing to serve
  • loves to be with people
  • enjoys a good meal
  • sensitive & kind
  • honest
  • loves his baby son (favorites: holding him while he sleeps, making him laugh, getting him after a nap, pajama hugs, bath time, playing games, sneaking into his dark room to watch him while he sleeps)
  • brilliant
  • attentive
  • easygoing
  • the perfect husband for Heidi

To be continued….

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