Her favorite pastime…

August 8th, 2017



Also clamps onto: noses, lips, cheeks and hair!

“I’ll get it, Mom!”

August 8th, 2017

“We need to get down the next book of Harry Potter,” I mentioned in passing yesterday afternoon. We’d finished the third book together and needed the fourth to start that night.

“I’ll get it, Mom!” Snakeboy called from downstairs. And before I knew it, he’d figured out a way to reach the ladder and move it over so he could climb on.

Holy cow, this child is getting so tall! And resourceful! And independent!

It amazes me and makes me proud all at the same time. Great job, Snakeboy!

A morning walk

August 4th, 2017

At my recent physical, my doctor said the single best thing I can do for my health is exercise. It’s pretty much magic and helps everything, so I determined to make time for it.

I’m still weak and limited in what I can do, but I can take walks. So I prayed for help to get up in time to get ready and walk before my kids wake up at 7 am. And I almost made it. :)

I was heading out the door when Scooters got up to use the bathroom and asked if he could come, too. But he didn’t want to come in his pajamas and his roommate (Birdbeak) was still sleeping, so he changed into his Cub Scout uniform that was in the closet downstairs. Then he helped Joo-Jee get ready to go.

So after a lap around our park by myself, I was joined by Scooters and Joo-Jee. Then Snakeboy came along for a third lap. We laughed, held hands, talked and dodged the sprinklers. And it really was magic.

Our sweet, sick boys

August 3rd, 2017

Our children are so full of life and energy that we knew something was wrong when Scooters woke up a couple of weeks ago looking flushed, with no appetite and just wanted to lay quietly on the couch. 

Sure enough, he had a fever all that day and even fell asleep during quiet time. I didn’t get any pictures of him laying around, but here are his brothers who each took a turn with it afterward.

As far as illnesses go, this one was thankfully mild and quick- just a fever and headache that made them very tired for a day. Ibuprofen and Gatorade helped them be comfortable as they looked oh, so sweet. And two of them actually fell asleep in the family room which never happens.

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