One reason I love to homeschool…

July 20th, 2017

… Is when their new books and supplies start showing up on our doorstep and I see how excited they are to use them.

“When does school start, Mom????” they ask, clutching their new books and hopping up and down.

“Only two months??? That’s like tomorrow!!!” And they almost bounce through the floor.

Good heavens, I hope not! I’m not ready at all and hoping for a bit more rest and time off before our busy schedule starts up again. But seeing their excitement and love for learning is so fun and always makes me smile.

And seeing the older children telling the younger ones what they get to look forward to really warms my heart.

Like this morning when Birdbeak asked me first thing if there were anymore new books for him. And then started hauling out random kindergarten supplies to show Joo-Jee what he’ll be doing in two years.

And before I knew it, the two of them were on my bed, fondly discussing the magic of learning to read and having math lessons.

And I just smiled.

Because right there, I saw why we homeschool.

And why we wanted a large family.

And why I’m worn out with working so hard and often struggle trying to navigate the unknown territories of all of this.

And why it’s a complete and total honor.

A trip to the library

July 12th, 2017

Sometimes I’m surprised that we really have five children. Are all of those cute hats plus the darling in the stroller really mine?

They even quietly waited their turns to hand in their summer reading logs and pick out a free book. Princess was the loudest one with her screeching and I loved how the sweet librarian said, “She loves to sing, doesn’t she?”

Potatoes in the blue hat immediately camped out right there at the Information Desk to read every single word of his new Little Critter book before moving on. (Oh, wait! I forgot he wants his new name on here to be Birdbeak. I’ll have to get used to that one…)

Snakeboy in the black hat asked if they had any snake books, but settled for a silly science experiment book instead.

And Scooters in the khaki hat hoped for a Harry Potter book of his own, but found another fantasy novel with magic. Then he volunteered to help little Joo-Jee in the orange hat pick out a Curious George book.

Things got a little dicey after that with little Joo-Jee insisting he needed to use the potty, but then sneaking a turn on a computer and trying to empty out an entire dispenser of hand sanitizer onto his hands while my back was turned and leaving a foam trail of it behind him that I didn’t know what to do about. He also didn’t appreciate Snakeboy trying to help him in the bathroom and let us all know about it.

But, overall, it was a great trip to the library with my five children. I loved the sweet librarian who helped us and then smiled at me. “It’s so wonderful to see such a big family of great readers!”

I thanked her and realized she was right. It is wonderful!

Something Magical

July 12th, 2017

Something magical has been happening at our house this summer. Charming pulled out our copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and began reading it to our three oldest children at bedtime. Only the two oldest maintained interest, but it has become one of the favorite parts of our day. 

It’s been many years since I’ve read it, but the magic and humor of the story pulled me in again. We’re on to The Chamber of Secrets now and they have strict instructions not to start until I’ve joined them after putting Princess Shoo-Shee-Foo-Fee to bed and saying goodnight to Joo-Jee and Potatoes.

Our oldest, Snakeboy, loves to play Hogwarts in the backyard. He made a Sorting Hat and places it on each brother’s head to give them a house. Then he holds class- announcing Herbology or recruiting me to play Snape and teach Potions. It’s so fun. He even announces time to sleep and I almost do fall asleep!

Yesterday, Snakeboy and Potatoes made wizard hats and played Quidditch on the tramp. Check out this action- lots of Snitch catching going on around here!

The Harry Potter Era in our home has officially begun! :)

Saying Hello Again :)

July 11th, 2017

Dear Readers,

Well, actually, I probably don’t have anymore readers after saying goodbye three years ago… But in case someone comes along, I wanted to post some current family pictures. Because a lot has changed in the last three years and there’s someone very special I want you to meet.

Our sweet Princess Muffin Cakes.

She’s six months old and such a dear. I had a bit of a panic attack when we found out we were having a daughter after 10 years of all sons, but once we had her I realized there was nothing to fear. What do I do with a daughter? Just love her with all of my heart.

We are doing very well. I love staying home to raise our children and homeschool them. They are getting so big and are so much fun. They are absolute treasures.

This was the day before Princess Muffin Cakes was born. Thank you to my sons and husband who took such good care of me while I was pregnant and disabled. I couldn’t move my legs or walk for the last few months and these boys were my legs. Thank you so much.

They absolutely adore their little sister and it’s so fun to see.

Well, I better say goodbye again. These dear children will be awake bright and early, so I better hit the hay.

Take care, my friends!




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